Welcome to the site! Let me tell you why I’m here.

A pale woman with her long brown hair pulled back sitting with one arm up against her face in front of a fireplace.

Chronic illness and pain life can be hard, friends.

I’ve had some serious ups and downs since developing illness.

How long did it take you to find other chronic pain people ? I tried to start a chronic pain support group in my community but that didn’t last. Eventually I figured out that all the action is online. I went on Facebook, found a few groups that I still participate it, but didn’t quite connect that much until finding Twitter.

Disability/Chronic Pain/Spoonie Twitter was a total game changer.

I found other *young* disabled people and that changed my life. I found other people with CRPS sharing their treatment plans and lifestyles. I found the Chronic Loaf room, a 24 hour streaming channel where chronically ill, neurodiverse and disabled folks hang out. I found my people!

Sharing my experience online and hearing other chronic pain people’s experiences has made me at least 80% less lonely in the last few years. I bet you feel pretty similar if you are reading this. 

Why blog about chronic illness and pain?

It lets us be together. It is pretty rare to have friends IRL with similar conditions to CRPS, or any chronic pain condition for that matter.

Even when we do have friends IRL, we don’t always have the energy to see them as much as we want to. If they have chronic pain too, your chances of finding time when both of you have enough energy to hang out can be pretty low.

I want to CONNECT and learn from other chronic illness, chronic pain, and disabled people.

There is endless advocacy work to do on all of these fronts.

I am passionate about marriage equality for disabled people in Canada – and everywhere. I believe this can change in our lifetime. The sooner, the better.

I’m grateful for our online community and this is where I feel at home.

This blog is for anyone who lives with chronic illness, chronic pain, disability, or CRPS. This blog is also for anyone who knows anyone living with these conditions. So… this blog is for everyone.

Here are the main issues I’ll be talking about.

  • Life with CRPS.
  • Navigating chronic conditions, ever changing expectations, and grief.
  • Coping with chronic pain
  • How to be a professional patient.
  • Marriage Equality in Canada. Did you know that disabled people still don’t have it?
  • Human Rights and Disability Rights


Thanks for reading and let’s connect!


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