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Past Interviews – Click to listen

(transcripts coming soon)

The Pulse with Joeita Gupta on AMI Radio, March 26th, 2020 on #AccessibilityForAbleds and Accessible Work Accommodations (Also found as a The Pulse on AMI podcast episode on your favourite podcast app!)

The Current with Matt Galloway on CBC Radio One, April 23rd, 2020 on what is is like for disabled people living through the pandemic

For The Record with Kaia Protcor, on Marriage Inequality for Disabled Canadians

WTBU News Brunch at Boston University with Hannah Harm, on accessibility measures during the pandemic and how they can continue

Past Publications – Click to read

Interview with Abrar Al Heeti on “COVID 19 exposes hypocrisy over lack of disability accomodations”

Article on “Setting Precedents in Unprecedented Times – Disability Rights and Covid 19”

Article on “Institutionalized Ableism and Liveable Disability Benefits”

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